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Gary and I and Timber spent 6 days out at Oyster Island last week. The weather was warm and sunny most of the time. We fished pretty hard trying to no avail to get an early Spring Salmon or Coho in the boat. Not to worry they will be back..its early yet. Tired of not catching and the water was pretty calm we headed out to Bajo Reef where in no time we had 4 nice Ling Cods in the boat and a few Black Bass.  Plus the next day I caught an 18lb halibut off Birdwood. The Fosters were happy.

 So, fish in the cooler then it was time to get some stuff organized at Oyster Island for the summer. I got all the flower baskets done, salad gardens cleaned up and planted while Gary built a couple new garden beds for more veggies and salad greens. Just can’t have enough arugula, kale, chard and beets. Yumm

FOR GARLIC LOVERS:        Once again this year our garlic crop is unbelievable at our Gold River place. Not wanting to waste the Garlic Scapes (curly end that come out the top of the leaves) I made Garlic Scape Pesto yesterday then froze the leftover scapes to use in my dill pickles, salsa, stirfries and whatever else I can think of to put them in. The Pesto can be used with pasta, on crackers, pizza topping etc. Its deliciously garlicy.  I was still tasting garlic this morning.