family fishing Derby @ Oyster Island

009 015 050Yeah!!!! Jill did it. She landed her first fish a 23lb spring and won the biggest fish caught trophy for the derby. Plus her team of Ayden and Twinkle Toes Millard won the gross weight amount of fish too.

I do believe that our Jill is now hooked on fishing…all be it though calm waters are a must. I got to take my boys Kevin and Derek out one day for a few hours fishing and came back with 3 nice springs and the next day I took Derek and Jill fishing and again came back with 3. Each of us catching a fish each day. Doesn’t get better than that.

All three of the grandchildren love licorice and I love licorice because it kept Jaxon still for awhile in the boat.

063 032 060Bruce and Brian from Williams Lake come back again to Oyster Island. A couple happy guys that got their limit in Spring Salmon…Bruce even ate some barbecued fish head to celebrate their catch. Geiger Counter read very low radiation on all the fish. No glowing in the dark for us, we will still have to use flashlights I guess.

Next year Brian I will get you at Cribbage….

20140715_123703The Spring/King salmon are in and plenty. Tim and Yonnie from Edmonton spent 4 days with us at Oyster Island then took home their limit in Springs averaging 22lbs each. Yonnie did snag a halibut while salmon fishing but unfortunately the weather wind wise wasn’t co-operating to venture for bottom fish.

Tim is an aspiring sashimi master so each day he sliced up some salmon, got out the soya sauce and wasabi, then everyone enjoyed.


019 009who can believe that summer is getting near to the end or should I say that FISHING for those big Springs (kings) and actually getting to fight one is close to over for this year. I pray to the fish gods that I can be the quickest to my rod (try not using elbows) and get control of the beast at the end of my line.

I had to add this picture of Jill (daughter inlaw) with a substantial Spring on….. for a good 15 minutes….but the fish …next time Jill.

It would have been nice if the sun instead of rain last week would have shone on Nootka Sound to show our guests Reggie (from Costa Rica) and Horst (Victoria) just how beautiful it can be here. Well, they put their rain gear on, took a little bonine and came back happy fish catchers. The sun did come out in little bits; enough for Horst to talk us into having a campfire dinner. That’s all I can say.

Okay so this weekend Gary’s cousins from Clinton are coming out to Oyster Island for some fishing fun with us….



047135The last couple weeks have been pretty busy for us and tons of fun. Gary and I have got to meet new clients and thoroughly had a great time with Brian and Bruce; plus they took home to Williams Lake a load of fish which included a couple Tyees from Nootka Sound.

Then onto our Oyster Islands Families fishing Derby on August long weekend. This year Camille and little Jaxon joined us in the fun. Camille caught a 16lb Spring Salmon (I believe her first) and Jill tried so hard to get that screamer in but it ended up getting away….. next year Jill…. and we will get Katie back out to Oyster Island too. The winning fish was 27lbs and caught by the Millards 7 year old grandson Lucas from Quesnel.

Kings, Silvers, LingCod, Halibut……….have experienced our fish cleaning station

017Another great Fishing adventure at Oyster Island was had by Mark and Vanessa from Chilliwack, BC. Two days of fishing got them their limit to take home and a couple dinners from the catch of the day. 

The veggie/greens gardens Gary built and planted our last visit to Oyster Island are now in full salad mode. Totally organic and chock full of nutrients these greens pared with our homemade dressings are tasty. Fishing and Food is what it’s all about.


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Gary and I and Timber spent 6 days out at Oyster Island last week. The weather was warm and sunny most of the time. We fished pretty hard trying to no avail to get an early Spring Salmon or Coho in the boat. Not to worry they will be back..its early yet. Tired of not catching and the water was pretty calm we headed out to Bajo Reef where in no time we had 4 nice Ling Cods in the boat and a few Black Bass.  Plus the next day I caught an 18lb halibut off Birdwood. The Fosters were happy.

 So, fish in the cooler then it was time to get some stuff organized at Oyster Island for the summer. I got all the flower baskets done, salad gardens cleaned up and planted while Gary built a couple new garden beds for more veggies and salad greens. Just can’t have enough arugula, kale, chard and beets. Yumm

FOR GARLIC LOVERS:        Once again this year our garlic crop is unbelievable at our Gold River place. Not wanting to waste the Garlic Scapes (curly end that come out the top of the leaves) I made Garlic Scape Pesto yesterday then froze the leftover scapes to use in my dill pickles, salsa, stirfries and whatever else I can think of to put them in. The Pesto can be used with pasta, on crackers, pizza topping etc. Its deliciously garlicy.  I was still tasting garlic this morning.


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