019 009who can believe that summer is getting near to the end or should I say that FISHING for those big Springs (kings) and actually getting to fight one is close to over for this year. I pray to the fish gods that I can be the quickest to my rod (try not using elbows) and get control of the beast at the end of my line.

I had to add this picture of Jill (daughter inlaw) with a substantial Spring on….. for a good 15 minutes….but the fish …next time Jill.

It would have been nice if the sun instead of rain last week would have shone on Nootka Sound to show our guests Reggie (from Costa Rica) and Horst (Victoria) just how beautiful it can be here. Well, they put their rain gear on, took a little bonine and came back happy fish catchers. The sun did come out in little bits; enough for Horst to talk us into having a campfire dinner. That’s all I can say.

Okay so this weekend Gary’s cousins from Clinton are coming out to Oyster Island for some fishing fun with us….